Thursday, September 8, 2011

9-8-11 Glogster Poem Poster Self Assessment

On your own paper, respond to the following questions.  You do not need to write the question.  For full credit, your response should be clear, complete, and specific.
1. What is the most important way that the author's original poem influenced how you wrote your poem?
2. Explain one way that you improved your poem through revision (be specific about what exactly you did and how it improved the poem).
3. Describe one way that a non-text element of your glog (graphic, image, animation, wall background, etc) added to the meaning of your poem?

4. What is your favorite line from your poem? Why?
The line:
Your Explanation:

5. What is one line from your poem that reflects your growth as a writer?
 The line:Your Explanation:
6. What else would you like Mr. Fulton and Mrs Harmon to know?